Online Services

Online Services

With our recent change in clinical system patients may ecounter issues with their existing online accounts. This page aims to help resolves these issues.

With the system change patients have two choices for online services:

If you were set up to use the NHS App prior to our live date with the new system (14/09/22), then you shouldn't need to do anything. There have been cases where this has not transitioned over and users have found that deleting their existing NHS account and then creating a new one has solved their issues. We recomend trying this in the first instance.

If you are encountering an issue with the NHS App where it is asking you to "Prove your identity", then a possible fix is to request basic online access, this can be done via email to, you will be supplied with a linkage key via email/SMS/Print Out and this should allow you to bypass the photo ID and such if you can't do that method, some users have found that proving their ID resolved the issue.

Once you apply for online access you will be supplied with a Username and Password, these can be used to sign into Airmid.

If you require full access to your records then you will need to fill out our form for online access and come to the surgery and present two forms of ID to us.

We are working through online access requests, if you had online access then please email the surgery, we will be working through a list of patients that had online access on our previous clinical system, so expect email/SMS messages with login details if you previously had access.