Autumn COVID Booster and Flu Vaccine Campaign

Covid and Flu Vaccines

Please be aware we are now offering a COVID-19 booster as well as the Flu vaccine.
This year’s Flu season runs alongside the Autumn COVID booster campaign. If eligible, you will be offered the chance to receive the Flu and Covid vaccine at the same appointment.
If you wish to only have one of these vaccinations please let the reception team know. 

Call us on 01773 822 386 

Clinic Information

Dates– In this campaign we will be running clinics from 18th September Monday - Friday and we are holding a Saturday clinic on 7th October 

Location– All clinics will be held at Riversdale Surgery.

Parking– Parking at the surgery is available, however spaces are limited.

Please use local council parking when you can also where possible, please avoid travelling to your appointment by car.


Frequently Asked Questions


How long do I need to wait after my last COVID vaccine dose?

You must wait at least 91 days between COVID vaccine booster doses

I have had a positive COVID test, should I still have my Flu/COVID vaccination?

You must wait 28 days after a positive COVID test before receiving a vaccination.

How will I be notified in the unlikely event my appointment has to be cancelled or rearranged?

We will attempt to contact you via text (if opted in) or phone call.


More information about the vaccinations and eligibility please follow the links below